baby no scratch mittens

I am a procrastinator, and my husband is a doer. We are both over planners, so more often than not we end up coming together somewhere in the middle. It’s actually quite miraculous how it sometime works out. So… two … Continue reading

Without further ado, my adorable nephew Jameson!

I am the luckiest Auntie in the world!  Already blessed with a gaggle of beautiful nieces and nephews on October 6, 2014 I officially received lucky number 7, Jameson Thomas Thor Sordahl!  He is handsome and perfect and I am … Continue reading

Here is to doing what makes you happy!

Have you ever had someone ask you what makes you happy? My wonderful husband asks me this frequently. I must admit, that the first couple of times this happened, my instinctive response to this was to be defensive. Why? Do … Continue reading