Los Angeles Yarn Crawl 2015

For as long as I can remember I have worked weekends.  As a massage therapist, the weekends are when you make your money, so it’s just a given.  Well recently I transitioned from performing massage to teaching massage.  It has … Continue reading

Boobies! Shhh…. It’s a bad word!

I have seen this article being shared around Facebook and resisted the urge to click on it, but last night I saw my sister-in-law share it and it was more than my curiosity could take.   The article How to Breastfeed Appropriately, by author Bunmi Laditan can be found in the Huffington post.  It is a hilarious read, I was literally laughing out loud! Not having any children of my own my thoughts on breastfeeding are purely theory, but this read is insightful, entertaining, and creatively debunks some of the most common, and I believe most idiotic beliefs about breastfeeding. I highly recommend it for all women, and men who are open-minded and tired of being blamed for chauvinistic and antiquated gender based stigmas.n-BREASTFEEDING-large570