baby no scratch mittens

I am a procrastinator, and my husband is a doer. We are both over planners, so more often than not we end up coming together somewhere in the middle. It’s actually quite miraculous how it sometime works out.

So… two weeks after we had sat down together and made a list of everything that needed to go into my hospital bag, several days of polite reminding from my hubs that I needed to now pack the bag, and one night of some decently unexpected cramping- I found myself in the studio/nursery packing up mine and bugs hospital bag.  It was as this point that I realized that while we had gotten tons of really great things at our baby shower, we somehow were with out baby mittens. The only thing on my list that I could not pack.  We agreed to run out to the store and get some in the next couple of days.

Then it occurred to me…. I have knit several pairs of mittens. How could baby mittens be any different? So I searched pinterest and ravelry for some ideas, grabbed a spare ball of yarn, and sat down on the couch to do some experimenting while watching football.

Football season is my favorite time of year to knit! Sitting for hours with yummy snacks, and beer  soda water, while I knit away to my little hearts content. It brings me massive amounts of happiness. Especially when the Seahawks win! 😉

About 2 hours later I have these.


Little baby mittens for my little bug.

Adorable, handmade with love, free, and ready to pack immediately. As an added bonus, they actually match the cute little elfen cap which I had already made and was packing as well.  Bug will be styling for his big homecoming!


Little mittens for bug, with matching elfen cap.

I am constantly amazed, proud and humbled by the fact that I can make such useful and beautiful things with my own two hands. Knitting is such an incredible art form, and every piece I begin fills me with such joy.

6 thoughts on “baby no scratch mittens

  1. Very cute, Those tiny nails are sharp, and with new-born coordination, often inflict damage to that perfect skin. Oh well, that won’t be the last scratch he gets.
    Love Ya!


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