thankful for small miracles

Today finally felt like fall! I woke up to cloudy, grey skies and rain. It was mostly overcast the whole day and never really got above 64. I am not exaggerating when I say, it is a cold day in hell when Los Angeles feels like fall. (Yes that is an  intentional pun, forgive me, I am a sucker for puns).

In honor of this small blessing from mother nature, and the gift of it falling on my day off 😉 I have decided to devote the day to all the things that make me happy!  I have spent the entire day doing nothing but writing, knitting, and baking peanut butter cookies! Bronson,the hubs and I took a break to head out and do some puddle jumping at the park, which was delightful.  I even got to watch a high speed car chase, which if you know me well, you know is a rather morbid yet captivating guilty pleasure of mine.  On top of all of that happy making goodness I will share a little secret…. I did it all in my pajamas!

Today was an amazing day! I am so grateful for my crafting, my life and the art of happiness!



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