What will you be doing tonight?

I don’t get political often on my blog. (It’s not because I am not strongly political.)  I believe that for democracy to work that people need to have the right and the ability to vote their conscience, whatever that means to them. I do however hope, that they understand the power and importance of that responsibility. That they are diligent in their research, and understanding of the policies at play. That they take the time to check all sources and are careful to not only look for confirmations, but rather to expand their understanding.


Please don’t make the mistake of thinking this isn’t important. You should be watching the debate tonight at 6:00pm, your children should be watching. These decisions should not be taken lightly, or wasted in ignorance. No matter what party you register with, no matter what your politics, the stakes are high.  A debate is an excellent way to find out about policies, determine ones ability to handle pressure and can often be an excellent show of character.

Inform yourself, so that you can make the right decision for your families, your children, your friends, your neighbors, your country.


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