Friday Favorites

I started this blog as a personal project. I wanted to have a place to share my ideas, my challenges, my crafting experiences and the art of finding happiness in life. I have been so surprised and excited by how warmly people have responded to it. I am blessed to be able to share my journey with you all.

One thing that has come up a lot, is people reaching out and asking where they can find many of the patterns I have used, items I have experimented with and other resources I have compiled.  So I want to introduce Friday Favorites, where I will share some of my favorite crafting, life and happiness items and ideas (many of which will probably be vintage inspired baby clothes, if your a follower-you know I’m obsessed). With out further ado….

Today’s Friday Favorite is Moonroom Kids shop on Etsy.  These handmade baby clothes are too fabulous for words.  Rich colored fabrics, with vintage inspired patterns, used to create classic designs made for anything from tea parties to a romp in the woods.

The store is located in Australia but luckily ships to United States, Canada, and Europe. Just keep in mind they are shipping from Australia, so you can expect it to take anywhere from 14-28 days to arrive. I definitely love the entire shop and recommend checking it out if you have little ones or are shopping for little ones. Here are a couple of my favorites.


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