How our patterns get made

Wow! This is absolutely amazing. I have often wondered about the amount of time and energy that must go into making patterns. It turns out my imagination didn’t even cover half of it. Such amazing work, and I am so glad someone else is out there doing it. 😉 I have made their Gramps pattern and must say it was one of the easiest baby sweaters I’ve made. Thanks Tin Can Knits for all of your hard work and artistic creativity!

Tin Can Knits

Knitters often ask us about our pattern process. I don’t think they are usually prepared for the long list of steps I launch into! So, this is how sausages (ahem patterns) get made here at Tin Can Knits:

  1. We come up with an amazing concept, usually while we’re in the shower (no, we don’t shower together… minds out of the gutter please!).  We’ve got a great post about design as the intersection of inspiration + desire. We usually make a little sketch, talk it over with the other person and then it’s time for phase 2.
  2. The swatch: We make MANY swatches (mmm how I love a good swatch!).  And then we make some more!
    knitting swatches
  3. We make a mini sample (because we love baby knits… and because knitting is obviously the most cost-effective and practical way to clothe our children… ).

    Caribou Cardigan by TIn Can Knits Hunter in a mini-sized version…

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