Los Angeles Yarn Crawl 2015

For as long as I can remember I have worked weekends.  As a massage therapist, the weekends are when you make your money, so it’s just a given.  Well recently I transitioned from performing massage to teaching massage.  It has been really fun to go back to where it all began.  To be able to share all I have learned in my 13 year career, while still being able to learn new things all over again.  The other exciting thing about this change is that I now have weekends!  When I heard that the Los Angeles Yarn Crawl 2015 was coming up I could not think of any better way to spend my new found freedom!

I called up my Mother-in-law, a fellow yarn/crafting lover, and we made a plan to spend all of Sunday hitting as many stores as we could reach within an hours distance from my house.  We had a blast!  We started with Zoe’s Knit Studio, it was adorable.  I got some cute buttons for my baby sweaters and a magazine with some great patterns in it.  MiL found some great reasonably priced yarn to make little stuffed bunnies with.  While heading to our next stop we got lost, and at one point had two phone gps units directing us through traffic in two different directions.  We couldn’t stop laughing about it.   A Major Knitwork was the next store we hit.  It is a mother and daughter owned shop that was celebrating it’s 30 year anniversary!  In a yarn store that is considered the rarest of gems.  The store was great, and I may or may not have purchased some special yarn, for a special project for a special person (only time will tell).  I was also gifted the most adorable needle point protectors from MiL.

La Knitterie Parisienne was next on the list.  This store literally has more yarn in it then I have ever seen before.  If you are having trouble finding that perfect yarn for your project, this is possibly the place for you.  We were trying to show some restraint, and didn’t purchase anything at that store, but not from lack of wanting.  Next, was The Altered Stitch this was also a really cool shop.  They had a lot of hand dyed yarn, which is just too fabulous for words.  All of your projects come out looking like a Monet, it’s amazing!

beautiful hand painted yarn

beautiful hand painted yarn

I am actually using a hand painted yarn compliments of my SiL, on the shorts above.   The Altered Stitch also has fun community events, like knit-ins with wine and lot’s of classes.  Last but not least we ended up back in Burbank, at my local yarn store Unwind.  Unwind is a great store and was featuring some amazing yarns by Oink Pigments. Due to dwindling funds, I was unable to purchase any of the Oink, but there is a project somewhere in my future for…

slime time

Slime Time

mystery flavor

Mystery Flavor

As you do at a crawl we then left our “passports”, with all of our stamps from these awesome stores at the last store we visited, in this case Unwind.  The passports are entered into a drawing for a basket full of goodies!  It was a successful yarn crawl.  I was thankful to my partner in crime for her companionship and laughter, and promised to reciprocate when the quilt crawl comes to town.  Then two days later….. Surprise!

The winning basket!

The winning basket!

IMG_20150408_145622 IMG_20150408_145650 IMG_20150408_145728 IMG_20150408_145758 IMG_20150408_145820 IMG_20150408_145846And just a few of the goodies that it contained!  Best yarn crawl ever!!!!  Thank you to Unwind for the amazing basket full of goodies!  Even bigger thank you to MiL for hanging out with me for the day!


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