A grumpy wee sweater….. the update!

I finished the gramps sweater by Emily Wessel!  It was a pretty easy pattern to follow; it is well written, and the blog she wrote to walk you through it was definitely a life saver more than once :).  I have to say, I was a little burnt out by the end of this project, and opted out of the pockets and elbow pads.  I think if I made it for a toddler, I would definitely include those, but since Jamie mostly just sits around looking handsome, I figured he wouldn’t miss them too much.  It is ridiculously cute, and I highly recommend the pattern.  I am very proud of the work.  On to the next project!  Here is my handsome boy!

sweater all done!

Sweater all done!


Love the buttons!

Love the buttons!

Couldn't resist taking a nephie! (nephew+selfie)

Couldn’t resist taking a #nephie ! (nephew+selfie)

Jameson and Santa!

Jameson and Santa!

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