Here is to doing what makes you happy!

Have you ever had someone ask you what makes you happy? My wonderful husband asks me this frequently. I must admit, that the first couple of times this happened, my instinctive response to this was to be defensive. Why? Do I not seem happy, I would ask. No, you don’t, he would reply. (My husband has a unique form of honesty I like to call the ‘I don’t give a fuck honesty’

in other words no sugar coating.) The more I thought about this though, the more I realized, my priorities were not prioritized. I was spending so much time fixated on work, making money, and bills that I had no energy for myself or the things that I enjoy. What is the point of working so hard for some phantom idea of responsibility, when I already have everything that I need to make me happy? Worse yet in giving all of that energy to something else, I was neglecting myself and not being present for my family. I felt like I was always racing towards some finish line, that I never actually reached, and in the process I felt like I was missing out on my life. So I prioritized.   I thought about what things in my life make me happy: spending time with my family, going to school, and knitting. For years now knitting has been my meditation. The soft click click click of needles, picking and designing the colors and projects I create. The entire process has been with me for years now, bringing me joy, and filling my life with happy moments. So, now as part of the process of finding my art of happiness, I am working on my own business. I will be creating and crafting all kinds of handmade goods, but most importantly I will be living my passion every day. I am refocusing my energy and saving it for myself, my family, and the things in life that create happiness for me. Feel free to check out my new shop on Etsy, Hope Chest. It may be a slow starter and a long process, but I am doing what I love and that deserves all the energy in the world.



One thought on “Here is to doing what makes you happy!

  1. Go on my girl!!! And know that you have all the support of this family. We love you, we love what you do and we can’t wait to watch what it brings. XOXOX L,R,Q, LU & Z


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