Our little ham….

The Burbank Animal Shelter, is an amazing establishment that does its very best to make sure that all of the animals they care for have every opportunity to be adopted into loving homes. They are super active in the community, and were a blessing to me when I unexpectedly had to put my sweet baby Josephine down after 16 years together. I have never forgotten how amazing they were to and how much compassion they showed for Josephine in her final moments. Since then I have become a volunteer at the shelter, and of course when we decided that we were ready to open our family to some animal energy once again it was the first place we looked. Several weeks after adopting Bronson, the Burbank Animal Shelter contacted us to see if we would be willing to do an adoption story photo shoot, and of course we were. My husband and I are both firm believers in animal adoption, there are so many amazing and sweet animals out there looking for there forever home just like our sweet Bronson was. The photo came out great! Bronson is such a great model and you can tell by his huge smile that he is just as happy to be part of our family as we are to have him! Thanks Burbank Animal Shelter, keep up the Great work!


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