Baby knitwear

I have been obsessed with vintage baby knitwear for months now. While my initial inspiration to even pick up needles came from a baby sweater some 12 years ago, it really heated up for me when I started watching the show Call The Midwife.

The show is great don’t get me wrong, but I found myself more interested in all of the beautifully handmade knitwear that was created and passed from baby to baby. The sense of love and community that this knitwear symbolized to me was full of warmth and extremely inspiring. Since then, I have begun stashing away patterns, pictures and all kinds of vintage knitwear inspiration, all the while feeling quite silly as I have no children, and no current plans for any.
Thankfully, with a new little nibling on the way, I have a reason to dig some of these patterns out and try my hand at them. As a self-taught knitter, reading patterns tends to be a challenge for me, but I am excited to experiment, and hopefully learn some new tricks as I go! I will be starting out with the Gramps sweater by Emily Wessel, check back for updates.

Adorable vintage hat.

Adorable vintage hat


Knit jumper

Knit jumper

gramps sweater by Emily Wessel

gramps sweater by Emily Wessel

Gramps sweater by Emily Wessel

gramps sweater by Emily Wessel


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