Rough couple of days at House Quinonez

It has been a rough couple of days at the House Quinonez.

Day 1: (Please in your mind, cue up the theme from Law and Order)

While rushing to get out the door for Bronson’s vet appointment (typically me running late), I broke my foot. It was a classic my body goes one way, my little toe goes the other. It is sufficiently swollen and painful, and I am so annoyed with myself for being such a klutz. As my Daddy always says, “Good thing we didn’t name you Grace.” Poor Bronson did make it to the vet, just in time to get his final puppy series booster. He was not so happy about that. The evening ended with moping and snuggling. Not a total loss.

Day 2: (Law and Order cue if you will, part deux)

I taped up my foot and toe hoping for the best and Bronson and I headed out for our morning walk. After a smooth sailing 15 minutes of walking a bee dive bombed out of nowhere and attacked Bronson. Though I could tell by his reaction he was stung, the stinger was out, and it didn’t seem to be swelling or bothering him too much so I decided we would keep walking. A short time later we found ourselves down at the LA River wash that runs behind the Burbank Equestrian Center by our house. While crossing under a bridge I noticed a Coyote about 20 feet in front of us checking us out. I made the executive decision that the path was wide enough for all of us, and that if push came to shove I could take on one skinny coyote. Of course as soon as we passed the one coyote, his two friends popped out to join him and they proceeded to stalk us for another 60 feet. Undisturbed by me shewing them away, or too hungry to care, the ring leader sat down howling at Bronson and I for almost 15 minutes. Bronson who had been completely unaware of the proceedings up till then (puppy brain), was terrified into a silent trance of submission.  By then though we had entered the park, and they seemed uninterested in following us further. As I sat down to calm him, I noticed that my sweet little puppy suddenly looked more like a prize fighter with an eye that was almost swollen shut.  To make matters worse by this point the pavement was so hot he was hopping around like a cricket. Poor little guy got carried home for some much needed rest. The evening ended with snuggling, knitting, and a viewing of a Jane Eyre while we licked our wounds and recovered.

Poor little guy.

Poor little guy.

It was a rough couple of days at House Quinonez, but snuggles have a way of making everything better.


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